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Meal Plan for next 28 days

I want to restart the 28 day plan. It is a good plan to work on overall self improvement and I am adding my own twist to it.

My meals basically look like this:
B:1 cup multigrain cheerios with 1/2 cup almond milk
L:Cesear salad or kale salad
S: 1 cup Pineapple or grapes
Dinner: Fish/veggie burger with veggies OR quest bar OR cheerios with almond milk (i need options because dinner is weird sometimes because of work)
If I stay according to this plan I will get 2 points. If I eat one thing that's not on the plan, then 1 point. If i totally binge and eat something bad it will be 0.

I'm also going to include a change jar where I put spare changed throughout the week. If I have a perfect week the change will go toward a saving fund thats for getting a rebecca minkcoff purse. If not, I have to put the money towards my credit cards. (haha)
In addition, since I will be eating out less, spending less on food (and I've quit smoking!!)
I'm going to treat myself to 1 makeup item a week if I post every day that week.

If you have 64+ ounces, 2 points. 32-64 is 1 point, and less than 32 is 0. Any de-caffeinnated beverage with 0 calories counts as water, but you can only use stuff other than actual water (diet Sprite, Crystal Light, decaf tea) for 24 ounces of your daily total. Just think of how great your skin is going to look after ALL that water.. no more more zits..

I want to start doing yoga for at least 20 minutes everyday. I also want to do stretches as well. I want to be one of those super strong, super toned girls that can twist up in a pretzel. In addition on non work days I want to do some kind of workout routine like 30 day shred or a Tone it up workout.
If you work out for 30 minutes or more, 2 points. 20-29 minutes, 1 point. Less than 20 minutes, 0 points. It's unrealistic to expect us to work out every day, so you get a "Get out of exercise free" card to use once a week.

This one's an all-or-nothing. You have to post every day about how you did on the challenge. If you do it, you get 2 points, if not, you don't get any.

Self Esteem Challenge:
This is where it gets fun. Every day of the week, there's a special daily challenge that you get to select. If you do it, you get 2 points, if you don't do one, you get 0. Challenge points are the only points that you can make up later, though.

--Monday Challenge: Celebrate Me! Give yourself a facial, take a bubble bath, get a few minutes to yourself, etc. Do something to make yourself feel good.

--Tuesday Challenge: Procrastinator's Anonymous: Everyone has something they're putting off--this is your chance to finally DO it.

--Wednesday Challenge: Random Act of Kindness Day. Commit a random act of kindness--give a compliment, be polite to a telemarketer, donate to charity--anything as long as it's nice!

--Thursday Challenge: Try It, You'll Like it! Do a new exercise, make a new recipe that looks good--expand your horizons!

--Friday Challenge: Fun Day! Blow bubbles, go to a movie, dance, be silly, have fun!

--Saturday Challenge: Cleaning out the Cobwebs: Clean something in your house that needs it.

--Sunday Challenge: This is a make-up day for all your other challenge days. If you missed a challenge, do it on Sunday. If not, just plan for the next week and take it easy.

If you eat a little extra food, you can exercise extra to make up for the food points. 30 minutes for every 150 calories. You have to decide if it's worth it.

So my plan for tomorrow:
Wake up early 8:00-Wake and Bake and play kingdom of amular (self esteem challenge lol)
10:00 inservice at work
shower and self-tan
make counseling appointment
2:45-11:15 work
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