recklesstales (recklesstales) wrote,

Havent had computer access

I went through a weird phase where I either did have the computer when i felt like writing or I couldnt remember my password. I'm sending my laptop in to be fixed so hopefully i will start updating more.
I'm really gonna start dieting. I believe I am up in the 190s right now. Which is awful!

I always like setting up reward plans for weight loss
170-St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse (been wanting to try this)
160-baublebar bracelets
150-louun jewlery
140-coach crossbody bag or rebecca minkoff bag
130-foot tattoos

My New Years Resolutions
1. Quit being Afraid. try new things.
2. Make the most of of things.
3. Spend less time on my phone. More Time being present.

Tomorrow Todo list!
-go to target
-go to library-research about eye insurance
-make cake for cody
Make Advising Appointment-Major, Minor, General
Make Counseling Appointment
Get Haircut
figure out class schedule!!
Pap Smear appointment
Contact Planned Parenthood about volunteering?
-email AJ!!
-apply at clinics
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